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Fuerza Regida is an American Regional Mexican band from San Bernardino, California. The band consists of lead singer Jesus Ortiz Paz, rhythm guitarist Khrystian Ramos, backing vocalist and guitarist Samuel Jaimez, a sousaphone player José “Pelon” Garcia and a Tololoche Player Moises Lopez. Buy Fuerza Regida Merch Here!

Fuerza Regida Merch

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Welcome to Our merchandise official Store. Fuerza Regida is a San Bernardino, California-based American regional Mexican band. Jesus Ortiz Paz, rhythm guitarist Khrystian Ramos, backup vocalist and guitarist Samuel Jaimez, sousaphone musician José “Pelon” Garcia, and tololoche player Moises Lopez make up the band.

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Fuerza Regida Merchandise Store

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